the ways and methods we have created within the framework of our customer and quality-oriented management approach.

Being aware of its responsibility to leave a cleaner environment for future generations, Termal Seramik has aimed to set an example in the sector with its environmental awareness since the day it was founded. For this purpose, it started afforestation works on 40 000 m2 of its investment area in 1998, and as of the end of 2006, more than 11 000 trees, mainly pine and cedar, were planted in 10 different types. In this way, our company, which received an environmental award, will continue its work without slowing down.

As an environmentally sensitive organization, together with all our employees;

We aim and undertake;

  • To implement legal regulations and obligations aimed at protecting the environment and nature in our activities,
  • To protect and save energy and natural resources,
  • By following technological developments, reducing waste as much as possible and applying recycling techniques,
  • To keep the environmental impacts under control in the design and implementation of all our processes and to reduce the damage to the environment,
  • To support the environmental activities of public and private organizations and to participate in activities,
  • To work towards increasing the environmental awareness of all our employees and suppliers.

Having a proud reputation in the world market with its product reliability and quality, Termal Seramik aims to be ahead of its competitors with the importance it attaches to nature and its employees. In addition to product quality and customer satisfaction, it duly fulfills its duties for the welfare of its employees. Our company aims to apply the labor law valid in our country and internationally accepted working criteria in the best way and our company undertakes that;

  • Not employing child workers under the age of 15,
  • No deposit is taken from the employees at the beginning of the job, there is no forced detention or forced labor,
  • Employee wages are within the framework of legal regulations,
  • It delivers its wages to its employees in a timely and complete manner,
  • Not exceeding the working and overtime hours stipulated by the laws,
  • It does not apply different treatment or physical and psychological pressure among its employees due to reasons such as gender, ethnicity, etc.,
  • It has taken all kinds of health and safety measures within the body of the occupational safety and worker health committee that it has established within the enterprise,
  • It gives its employees the right to form unions and collective bargaining,

• It considers these criteria in supplier selection.

As a factory that is aware of its responsibilities towards the environment and society, it is our duty to take the necessary measures to provide a cleaner, hygienic and safer working environment for our employees. For this purpose, necessary studies are carried out within the scope of the occupational safety and worker health committee established within the factory.

  • To take measures by investigating the effects that may be harmful to the environment or the health of our employees in production and pre-production activities,
  • To ensure that the working conditions in the operating environment are clean and hygienic,
  • To take the necessary measures to achieve the zero occupational accident target,
  • To minimize the risks that may arise from machinery, devices, tools,
  • To raise awareness of all our personnel by providing training on occupational safety,
  • To implement applicable laws and regulations on occupational safety and health,

As Termal Seramik employees, these are our duties.

In order for us to be a pioneer in quality in our own production area; along with our reliability in competition and price in the market, we are committed to producing in accordance with our customers’ demands for product quality. This is our general quality policy. To achieve this goal, we need to meet the quality demands of our customers and be sure of our production quality. This will be our basic principle in every step of production. In accordance with Termal Seramik’s perspective on quality, we implement a Quality Assurance System at every step to meet our customers’ demands for products and services.

The rich industrial background of the Termal Group of Companies required it to set out with great goals in this new field of activity as well. In order to realize the goals that can be summarized as producing at world standards and being among the leading brands in the country and abroad, high technology and experienced – quality human resources available in major companies of the world are utilized. As the Termal Seramik family of 1.300 people, we are proud of offering quality products to consumers in line with common goals.

Customer expectations and needs are of primary importance for our factory, which works with the philosophy of unlimited customer satisfaction. Respecting the environment, Termal Seramik completed the treatment plant and put it into operation shortly after it started production. It also treats waste water and uses it in the process, and waste dry materials are also used as raw materials.