About Us

Since 1995...

Ceramic is today’s one of the most modern and technological decoration materials and it was used since the beginning of the history.

The foundations of “TermaI Seramik” were laid in Söğüt – Bilecik in 1995, which started to produce ceramics so that customers with different needs and wishes can create the spaces of their dreams by bringing technology, nature and people together. The annual production capacity of Termal Seramik, which started production in its first factory in 1997 and in its second factory in 2005, reached 28,000,000 m2 with the commissioning of its new investment in December 2021.

New investments enabled Termal Seramik to produce Porcelain Floor Tiles of sizes such as 80×80, 60×60, 60×90, 30×120, 60×120, 75×150; Wall Tiles of sizes such as 30×90, 30×75 and Parquet Porcelain Tiles of sizes such as 15×60, 20×90, 30×120. Regular Porcelain Products of sizes such as 30×60, 45×45 and 33×33 and Wall Tiles of sizes such as 30×60, 10×20, 10×40 are being produced as well. Our factory is capable of offering all these products in “rectified” and “non – rectified” solution. Colored body and 20mm thick tile products are also offered to customers.

The products produced in Termal Seramik, which currently produces with approximately 1,300 people and has both national and international certifications, go through detailed production and control stages in accordance with the Total Quality Management.

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